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Full kitchen with project management is the complete service where we take care of everything and every tradesmen and all the timings & timescales involved. You just have to make your choices of colours, styles, & layouts etc. We design, supply & install the new kitchen, remove the old one, make all necessary changes to plumbing, electrics, gas, plastering, flooring, tiling, building, decorating, remove all waste from site, and do anything else that may be involved & agreed upon.

Full kitchen dry fit only is where we just design, supply & install the new kitchen only, and all other tradesmen & timings are organised by yourself.

Full kitchen supply only is where we only supply.

Fresh new look fast is where you typically keep your existing kitchen cabinets in place, and you just change the worktops, sink, taps, doors, maybe an appliance or two, & perhaps some other minor works.

You may have a strict budget to adhere to for which ever project you desire, or not! You can either tell us what your kitchen budget is, or you can ask us what you would like and then see what it all adds up to. Please take a look at the FAQS for a bit more about this.



The primary offering of our fully project managed kitchen installations means that we take care of absolutely everything other than your final choices such as colours, styles and layouts.

STEP 1 - Initial Consultation

The journey begins either in our showroom or in the comfort of your own home, where we will listen to what you want & need, and discuss how we can help you. We gauge your lifestyle and how you want to use the space in question, & take into consideration as many aspects as possible.

We may make recommendations about potential appropriate products, or use of space, & discuss any other aspects as needed.

We will consider styles and colours, materials and appliances, timescales involved, budgets, & any other works that may be necessary.

If we are in your home, we may then take room measurements, and look a little deeper into your existing kitchen.

This part of the process may take an hour or so, but can be more if you like, depending on how thorough you want to be.

Also depending on what may need doing, we may require further visits to your home from ourselves or appropriately qualified tradesmen to assess your particular situation.

STEP 2 - Crafting your space
The designs. With the information, we gathered from our discussions and the first home visit, we may create some 2D & 3D designs using our CAD computer software, with quotes or estimates as appropriate. We can then forward these to you, by email or post, or we can call you first for you to pick up from us.

After you have had a chance to look through these, we hope you love our designs, and that you can’t wait to contact us back to move forward!

Once you have had a chance to look over your initial designs and potential costs, any design alterations you would like us to make can easily be done, until we eventually have a final design that you are happy with and that we are confident will work well and look fab (as we hope that you will let our photographer take a few snaps at the end)

Once we have a final design coupled with a final quote, that you are happy with, we will require a final home visit. This is to take a final precise survey of measurements and details, to double check that everything will work as planned.

The time from your quote acceptance to installation start date could be as short as 4 weeks, if there is sufficient free space in our diary, although 6 to 8 weeks is more common. Sometimes though we get fully booked, and then it could potentially be longer (but we are worth the wait).

Every kitchen is different, therefore your project could take anywhere from 3 days, to 3 weeks. We will do our best to estimate how long your job will take, so you have an idea of what to expect and when.

STEP 3 - Creating your vision

The installation. It often starts with removing the existing kitchen. This then allows any plumbing, gas, electrical, plastering or other works to be carried out if needed. We also like to make sure the site will be ready to take delivery. We may have agreed to use a skip placed on site or on the road outside if suitable.

The best part for us now begins. The art of kitchen installation. Although it is not so straight forward for you for a little while. You will most likely be having various disruptions to your normal routines. You will be without your usual cooking comforts and food storage capabilities – you may be living on takeaways, meals out, or microwave food and salads.

Also the services (gas, electric, water) to your home will be periodically turned off in order for alterations to take place, maybe for several hours or so, but we will inform anyone who is home about this first. That said we will do our best to get everything back up and running as quick as we can.

Your kitchen furniture, components and appliances are then delivered to your home, to start being installed straight away.
If works by other trades are required, they need extra time for completion. These could be for example, plastering, tiling, flooring, lighting, decorating etc. As each project is unique, so is the time needed for each, and we always try to estimate as close as possible how long these things take.

You may like to tie in your kitchen project with a holiday. This means that instead of having to put up with the upheaval involved, you may be able to leave your home with the old kitchen in situ, and come back to a complete new transformation (that is if the overall project time is within a suitable length for your holiday).

STEP 1 - Initial Consultation

We have an initial consultation, either in the showroom or at your home. To find out what styles and materials and colours you would like. To find out budgets and timescales. To find out the possibilities and what we can or can’t change, and any other possible alterations.

All of this information will then be generated into list of items and services for your Fresh New Look Fast, coupled with an estimate or quote (depending on how definite your requirements are).

Eventually when you are happy with a final list of items and services, and the quote coupled for them, we then arrange a mutually agreed date for installation.

The time from your quote acceptance to installation start date could be as short as 2 weeks, if your project is on the smaller side and can therefore ‘be squeezed in’ between other jobs, although 4 to 6 weeks is more common. The length of time for your project could be anywhere from 1 day (if it is a simple worktop, sink and tap change with little else) to maybe a week for a larger job.

STEP 2 - Creating your vision

The fun stuff begins. Disruptions are often minimal, and you may not even have to empty out many of your cabinets beforehand.

Often everything is delivered on the first day. The old stuff gets removed, and everything new will start to get installed as soon as possible.


Fresh new look fast service

This is quite similar to the fully project managed kitchens, except in a smaller and quicker 2 step process.

If you are happy with your current kitchen layout, and your cabinets are still in a good condition that you are happy with and we can still work with, then you have the basis to change the overall look and feel of your kitchen but at less expense and overall upheaval. This often means something like just changing the doors, the worktops, the sink & taps, maybe an appliance or two.


Planning your new kitchen

Your kitchen should be a great looking room that you love to spend time in that works for you and your life. This is because you spend a lot of time in there, so make it easy to use and enjoy it.
PART 1 - Must haves

Some of the planning does revolve about what you want or must have in the room. Start with the big appliances that are used often and how close they are relative to the tasks in hand. We may think that an extra dozen steps won’t matter in between the fridge and the nearest work surface for example, but in the long run that is the exact sort of thing that you may well end up cursing at. These big items like fridge, oven, hob, microwave, sink, dishwasher, washing machine if you have no utility, all need to be considered in your finite space. Don’t worry too much about plumbing or electrics as these can be moved unless your budget is tight.

PART 2 - Additional items

Next, think about storing all the other items that you want to keep in the room. These are smaller appliances like toaster & kettles etc, pots & pans, crockery, cutlery, glassware, tins & jars, boxed food, spices & condiments, occasional use items & cleaning products. Consider your pet’s food & items if you have any, and anything else you want in the room.

PART 3 - Personal drawer

You may want somewhere like your own personal drawer to store some personal items that you go to immediately upon entering or leaving the house. Handbag, purse, wallet, keys, glasses, phone chargers, earphones, or any other grab and go stuff that you want, that you don’t want to hunt around the house for.

PART 4 - Waste products

Waste products sometimes get overlooked, or at least should be if you plan them well. What we mean here is that instead of having a rubbish bin on display in the room (unless that is what you want), you may be able to have hidden integrated bins in a cabinet. You can go for a small bin on the back of a sink door, but there is much more flexible choice. A small cabinet could hold a couple of integrated pull out bins, with larger tall versions available.

For bakers

Bakers may want all of the ingredients and tools all easily accessible to the main area that you will be working at, possibly altogether. Drawers at the island or peninsula? Tall pull out larder? You may want a large worktop surface of a particular material that is usually clear of everyday items so you can get to work straight away. Quartz? Solid wood? Appliance locations that you use for this might influence the overall room layout, and you may want certain appliance functionality. Elbow height oven? Warming drawer? Easy clean?

Enjoying a drink

Should you like to enjoy wine or cocktails you may want to feature this bit of fun. It could be as simple as a glazed unit for glasses, on the wall or a taller dresser. Glass shelves with internal lighting perhaps? A wine cooler for the bottles that require certain constant temperatures can both help keep the bottles together and free up room in the fridge.

If you love coffee

Coffee lovers can have an integrated coffee machine set up for their quick go to favourite at the press of a button. Although when more time is available the other more traditional methods of brewing have equipment that will need storage or display, with the beans or ground coffee and water close by.

For the busy moms

Busy mothers may try to keep the children happy and occupied and still in sight whilst trying to multitask everything else and this is quite a skill. Stool seating at an island, peninsular or a table may be needed. Sockets with usb connection accessible is handy for everyone. A few fun additions could be a blackboard and chalk, or toy cupboard, or homework station with bookcase.


Creative thoughts

This is where you can have a bit more fun, get creative and express yourself. If your goal is more than to just modernise an old room or to sell your property, this is an opportunity to make it your own. Everybody enjoys different things in life. What you do with your kitchen can vary and possibly have areas of focus that fit with you. You may favour a particular material, style or colour, or a job, hobby or task in the room. Here are a few ideas.

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