Many of us have had the chance to spend a little more time at home than we are used to.  Every room has been used more than usual and one of the most used rooms in the home is the kitchen, and this is where we will concentrate for this article. Cooking up new delights, old favourites, storing items, tidying up, having fun, enjoying family time, working from home, recording random youtube videos or just somewhere to go and do stuff, more than your normal routine would have you do. This might also mean having the room drive you nuts for change! Or getting you to focus on what you really would love to have from your kitchen.

Soon you will get a chance and it will be time to get some kitchen changes put in place, but for now what do you think about first? You may know exactly what you want and where – if this is so then brilliant! Contact us now please! Otherwise like most people you may have a few ideas but you’re not too sure of what where how and when. Don’t overcomplicate it for now, just go with the basics and keep it simple. What you hate, and what you would like. Get a note pad and pen and note down a few things.

First write down what things are frustrating you, annoying you, getting in the way or getting you down. What is missing? What doesn’t work? What looks unattractive? What are the things that you dislike most?

From this, write down what you would love to have in the kitchen. What is really needed and is currently missing? What things must you have? What do you think you might work but you’re not sure about? What is your overall vision?